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Opening Remarks



Simon Latchford, CEO, Visit Sunshine Coast


Putting You in the Picture

Jacques Van As, Jacques Va Photography, travel marketing specialist

How can you tell which photographs are going to have mass appeal with visitors? How can you sell your destination through imagery? How do you identify the best photographs specifically for social media? Jacques will explain it all, and we promise you will see your destination or product - your landscapes, iconic buildings, outback scenes, animals and flowers - through a completely new lens!


Tourists Who Want To Make A Difference

Dr David Gration, Founder, Events Tourism Associates
There is an ever-growing desire among visitors, including grey nomads, to contribute to the community in which they are staying. Coupled with this, regional and even remote festivals are now identifying volunteers as pivotal to their growth and success. David will provide you with valuable insights, examples and tools so that you too can confidently benefit from volunteer tourism.


Morning Tea

On the beachside lawn


Coming of Age: The Adnate Art Series Hotel

Ken McGregor, Art Consultant, ACCOR's The Art Series Hotels
How does one of the world's largest hotel companies determine what their guests want? Come on a fascinating behind-the-scenes journey with their art consultant as he explains what went into the decision to use a street artist to create a unique boutique hotel, and how Perth's new The Adnate Art Series Hotel has become a social media sensation thanks to its street art.


Who is Really Your Visitor?

Gillian Walker, Founder & Managing Director, Evergreen Advertising and Marketing Communications

Who really is your visitor? You might be surprised. Evergreen was the first advertising agency in Australia dedicated to building campaigns that motivate and resonate with boomers and seniors. This segment makes up the largest, most mobile group of long haul travellers in Australia. They have the time and many have the money to spend significant periods exploring Australia. Gill will share practical insights
from her work on many lifestyle brand portfolios relevant to travel and tourism and will present the real perspective on what the 50+ travellers
really want.



On the beachfront lawn


Stream 1: Art Tourism
Landmarks on a Budget - Murals as Tourism Attractions

Rhianna Pezzaniti, Project Manager, FORM’s PUBLIC Silo Trail (WA)
FORM were the pioneers of what has grown into a national silo art phenomena. Rhianna was there from the start and continues to manage large projects. She will explain the what, how and why of investing in publicly-accessible street art as a tourist attraction, plus some of the potential pitfalls that good planning will help you avoid.


Stream 2: Grey Nomad Tourism

Mustering Grey Nomads, a Julia Creek Experience

Mayor Belinda Murphy and Cr Janene Fegan, McKinlay Shire Council
Julia Creek, 1645 kms from Brisbane in north west Queensland, has only 511 residents yet has become a bucket list destination for senior travellers. Discover how this tiny town became a poster child for outback travel, and learn what it took to turn Julia Creek from a dying town into an award-winning grey nomad aspirational destination in less than 10 years.


Stream 2: Grey Nomad Tourism
What Turns Grey Nomads into Ambassadors?

Panel: The Council, operator and traveller viewpoints


Stream 1: Art Tourism
Making Wise Investments - Protecting your Artwork and Reputation

Tristan Minter, Co-founder, Apparition Media

What happens when the street art you commissioned doesn't meet your stakeholder expectations? How do you ensure the paint used will hold up in the tough outdoor weather conditions? Want to invest wisely? Tristan Minter, co-founder of an innovative company that takes street art to a new level - creating hand painted advertising murals in high pedestrian thoroughfares in Melbourne and Sydney.  Through showcasing some unique street art projects, Tristan will explain the importance of making informed choices that will give you a good return on investment in terms of appeal, longevity and reputation.


Stream 2: Grey Nomad Tourism

The Importance of Nostalgia

Neil Bidner, Tour Host, Fun Over Fifty
Everyday, in every way, Neil works and lives to identify what will make the people aged over 50 on his tour happy. And one of the key ingredients in that success is recognising the importance this segment places in reliving their memories. Neil will give you hints and tips on the experiences that will have grey nomads raving about you.


Afternoon Tea

On the beachside lawn


Stream 1: Art Tourism
From Anonymity to Fame - The Thallon Story

Leanne Brosnan, Thallon Progress Association Inc - town saviours
Hear from the woman who, despite not even living in the town any longer, harnessed the Thallon community to identify and implement actions, including public art installations, that not only have brought this tiny town back from the brink of economic devastation, but have lifted morale and positioned Thallon as a national beacon for hope.


Stream 2: Grey Nomad Tourism

All Shook Up - The Parkes Elvis Festival

Cathy Treasure, Festival Director, Parkes Elvis Festival
In 2009 the Parkes Elvis Festival attracted 9,500 people. A decade later attendance has tripled, the event is a sell-out and attracts a global media audience more than 200 million. Learn what it takes to cater to older visitors in a fashion that will lead them to become devoted fans.


Stream 1: Art Tourism
Art's Place in Tourism Activation

Panel: Hear from Michelle Christoe, creator of the wildly successful NightQuarter (which is relocating to open on the Sunshine Coast pre-Christmas), plus activation, public art and placemaking specialists, on creating dynamic, immersive tourism spaces.


Stream 2: Grey Nomad Tourism

Dynamite and Dilemmas: Free and Low cost camping 

Richard Barwick, CEO, CMCA
"Don't let tourists pass you by." That is the main message from Richard, a former long-term Manager of Economic Development & Tourism who is now CEO of the largest RV club in the southern hemisphere. The CMCA has learned a great deal from the collective travels of their 70,000+ members, and Richard will share with you what grey nomads are seeking from campsites, and the benefits and challenges of providing free and low-cost options.


Closing Remarks

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Champion's Reception

By invitation only. The VIP “Champions Reception” is held in honour of all Australian Street Art Awards and Grey Nomad Awards finalists immediately before the Awards evening. Finalists only are invited to enjoy this exclusive gathering.


Networking and Awards Evening

For Full Summit delegates, this celebration will allow you to continue networking while also seeing who is named as Australia's art tourism and grey nomad tourism champions. (Please note: NOT included in "Daytime Sessions Only Pass" tickets.)

"I had an excellent time. It was so well organised, a really fun and educational event."

Emily Moskwa

Planning & Policy Research Officer

Campbelltown Council

(South Australia)



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